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Top cars: best sellers all time

For first article – here is a top 4 cars which were best sellers. So, check most wanted cars ever. It is interesting because in this TOP we have: one car from Russia, three from USA, three from Japan and three from Germany. Enjoy that list.

Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet impala full size car from United States was produced from 1958 till this days. To 1996 was sold 13 000 000 those cars.

Nissan Sunny

Very small car from Asia. Sold 15 900 000 units.

Honda Civic

A small car has really big sales – it was sold more than 16 000 000 units.


It was first mass production car legendary car. With this car Henry Ford changed everything – not only car manufacturing, but overall manufacturing, pricing, marketing and much more.

First Ford T, also known as Tin Lizzy was produced in 1908. It has 20 hp engine and 2 speed transmission. A weight of this car was 1200 pounds or 540 kg. It had 100 inches wheel base.

This ford was produced from 1908 to 1927. In this time were was sold 16 500 000 Ford T.

Opel Corsa

Corsa is make from German company Opel. It is very small car, but not the sales. It was sold over 18 000 000 units.

VAZ  2101

Also known as “Zhiguly” or “Lada”. It is not unique model, because this was copy of Fiat 124 for USSR market. And of course it was purchased so many times by people not because it was good, but because people had no choice – it was most affordable car for a working families in USSR – ZAZ was to small for family, Moskvich was not bad, but worse than VAZ. Volga, Chaika, ZIM was only for more  richer people and of course for those who worked for government.

So VAZ was only one choice from two. It was pretty bad car, because of low manufacturing quality and terrible roads of Russia. Even modernized models as VAZ-21011 had tons of problems. But those problems do not impact sale – there was 19 300 000 units sold.

Volkswagen Beatle

Car for people – this task was formulated for Ferdinand Porsche by Adolph Hitler. Pretty ironic that maybe most beautiful all time car was a most hated dictators and killers idea. But numbers is numbers – were was sold 21 529 464 Volkswagen Beatles.

Volkswagen Golf

For real it was three or four generations until people decided do not calculate this make sales no more. But, to 2006 it was sold over 25 000 000 units.

Volkswagen Golf is small car for city but not so small as fiats. It was/is not so expensive, but had/has a really good quality of manufacturing.

Ford F series

A legendary American pick-up. Maybe of big farming in USA or maybe because this car is practical, good and good looking was sold more than 35 000 000 units

Toyota Corolla

Miracle of Asia. Most success car in Asian and in all world. Same class as Volkswagen Golf, it reached 40 000 000 units milestone from 1966 to 2013.

Car were John F. Kennedy was killed

Johns Kennedy presidential limousine was called SS-100-X – this was secret name for adopted for bigger security for convertible version of four doors 1961 Lincoln Continental. Modifications to standard model cost 200 000 dollars for white house. They was made by Ford's Advanced Vehicles Group, and Hess & Eisenhardt.

Kennedy limousine was pretty heavy. Its weight was 7800 pounds and it had 350 horse power engine. Wheel base was extended to 156 inches.

After assassination car was not removed from service. It was upgraded. Most improvement was added cars top from bulletproof glass. Now this car is in Fords museum.

Kennedy death car

Kennedy death car


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